Henri Laurent

French War Criminal


High Concept: Magically Protected Mercenary

Trouble: Its Always One Last Job


- There’s no Time like the Present

- Never a Hair Out of Place

- Its Hard to Be Normal

- The Front Lines Are Not My Element

- Everybody Deserves a Second Chance


- Superb: Guns

- Great: Athletics, Stealth

- Good: Discipline, Endurance, Alertness

- Fair: Rapport, Deceit, Fists, Investigation, Burglary

- Average: Presence, Driving, Might, Conviction, Resources


- Infiltrator: Gain a +2 to burglary when casing a site

- No Pain, No Gain: take one additional mild physical consequence

- Hand-Eye Coordination: Use guns instead of weapons for throwing

- Sniper: with a properly equipped and adjusted rifle, and something to brace it against or a turn to aim, you suffer no penalties due to range

- Target-Rich Environment: Gain a +1 to attacks with guns whenever you are personally outnumbered in a firefight

- Mighty Thews: consider might to be two steps higher for the purposes of lifting

- Well-equipped: Gain +2 resources when acquiring military equipment

Item of power: total cost -2
one-time discount: 2 (easily noticed, black ninja clothes)
imparted abilities:
-inhuman speed (-2)
-inhuman recovery (-2), catch of fire (
-cloak of shadows (-2)


Valentin Devereaux was born Henri Laurent in Saint Jean de Luz, France. His life was nothing to write about until he enlisted in the army. The French Army really changed him, and he really took to heart the principles of discipline and the professional attitude that were drilled into him in basic training. He excelled in marksmanship, and trained as a sniper. Once the war in Afghanistan broke out, Henri was requisitioned by the French Special Forces for his skills as a sniper, and immediately deployed. He left his friends and family on short notice, which was probably for the better because Henri’s professionalism wouldn’t stand for mopey friends and relatives making him feel bad about leaving to do what he was good at. Henri completed several operations successfully with his team, in Afghanistan, then was let in on the “next level” of special operations. He and his team were assigned a mission that sounded sketchy, but were not informed that it was a black op, and that if the mission went badly, they would get no backup from the military. The team went ahead with it, and a decimated village later, they were all in trouble. The village had contained no militarily significant targets, and thus, they were all war criminals. When the rest of the team realized this, they scrambled for their vehicle and booked it. Being a sniper, Henri was positioned too far away to see them leaving, and radio silence kept him from speaking to them. He made it back to an American camp, and that’s when he heard about them being named war criminals. His whole team had been caught and arrested, but they were still looking for him. Henri panicked and fled the camp, and eventually, the country. He floated around simultaneously dodging law enforcement and looking for work, until he found his way to Philadelphia. There he found protection and employment in the Lorraine family. With some help, he got a fake identity, Valentin Devereaux.
They took him on as some extra muscle, all without him knowing of their true nature. They knew of his skills as a soldier and sicked him on their supernatural enemies. He was clued in the hard way. After breaking free of them in a violent incident involving the black court and an outsider, Henri got his appearance altered by a fey who owed him something and teamed up with his new friend, Ian Penderghast.

Henri Laurent

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