Ryan "The Hulk" Holcombe

Former Miyamoto Sharks Outfielder, Wielder of the Akuma no Namida, a.k.a. The "Shiro Oni"


High Concept: Gaijin wielder of the Akuma no Namida

Trouble: Demonic Rage


  • Big guy, Bigger ego
  • Like giving a kanabō to an oni
  • Mystic muscle for Miyamoto
  • Never hit a lady
  • I’m not as bad as they say…mostly


Great (+4): Athletics, Might, Intimidation

Good (+3): Endurance, Weapons, Contacts

Fair (+2):Resources, Rapport, Guns, Investigation, Empathy

Average (+1): Conviction, Driving, Lore, Alertness, Presence, Deceit


  • Overpowering Blows
  • Miyamoto’s deep pockets
  • Rule With Fear
  • Fleet of Foot
  • No Pain, No Gain
  • Riposte
  • Wall of Death

Powers: -3

Inhuman Toughness -2
- The Catch (Holly) +1

Akuma no Namida (-2)
- Item of Power +2
- Supernatural Strength -4


Personal Info:
Age: 36
Height: 6ft 3in (191cm)
Weight: 215lb (98kg)
Position: Right Field
Bats: Left
Throws: Right
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Hometown: Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA

Mask of the “Shiro Oni” (occasionally worn, mostly so mortal authorities don’t identify him)
Oni mask by hisokas

Ryan "The Hulk" Holcombe

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