Gabe Reinfeld

Kinetomancer from Philadelphia


high concept: Outclassed Kinetomancer trouble: I am my brother's keeper aspects: -kinetomancer in a china shop -first impressions last a lifetime -runt of the litter -friends is family -you don't wanna see me angry skills: -superb: conviction, empathy -great: investigation, stealth -good: discipline, athletics, resources -fair: alertness, lore, presence -average: scholarship, endurance, survival, craftsmanship stunts: -read the surface: takes less than a minute to read people -listening: gain a 4 to investigation roll when listening, alertness goes to -2 -pin the tail: gain +2 to investigation when tailing someone -quick eye: your investigation rolls take place two shifts of time faster magical bidness: -channeling (-2) channel magical power via kinetomancy. glove focus item (2 discipline to control) —push: 5 shifts, area, strength 3 maneuver, tag for effect "pushed back", 1 stress —force attack: weapon 5, roll discipline to attacks, 1 stress


Gabe Reinfeld

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