Dresden Files: Kyoto

Session 1: A Bird in the Hand
Looking for the bird? Aren't we all...

Construction Site (sunset)
    Ryan, Warden Yamato
    Sent by Miyamoto to cleanse demons bringing bad luck
    Shirime jumps Ryan (voldo style) while he's distracted
    Ryan throws Shirime off
    Shirime gives Ryan the eye of Sauron
    Ryan smashes with Kanabo
    Yamato pinned by shirime; Ryan tries to get it off him
    Yamato pins it w/ tree roots, Ryan smashes shirime
Hanako's apt (3am)
    Woken up by big dude in hood
    Tries to death glare; hooded guy stumbles back
    Hooded guy comes at Hanako; she runs to kitchen and hides on ceiling
    Guy throws futon and hits Hanako
    She turns into spider and flees to Ver. bird's place
Miyamoto's office
    Reporting in
    Jirobo offers info on state of summer court and autumn
    Says peeps be on verge of war
Vermillion Bird's Apt
    Hanako has stolen laundry
    No one home
    Hanako tries to sneak in, blocked by ward
    Breaks glass door w/ deck table, whoops
Ryan's apartment
    He comes home oblivious, Hanako sitting on bed wearing his clothes
    They establish both need to settle summer issues
    Hanako takes Ryan to subway
    Go to summer court
    Cool nevernever stuff on way there
Summer Garden
    Get past guards w/ bluff, but guards take weapons
    Talk to Mei and find out ver. bird is missing; debt to river kami unpaid
    Turns out Mei is Ameterasu
    Ryan gets summer boon (Rooster feather)
    Summer attacked by the impure, Ryan and Hanako sent out for safety
    Impure Amikiri attack (Ravener looking think)
    Tears open roof; Ryan tells Hanako to run, shoots roof
    Hanako scares Amikiri into fight or flight response
    Amikiri spawns two nasty little amikiris
    One goes for Ryan and is swatted out window, other misses Hanako
    Big one stealths out
    Hanako finds a lantern that was left on the train, unlit, and jumps out window
    Ryan smashes the other little amikiri
    Big amikiri upset and runs back to attack Ryan
    Hanako lights lantern on third rail
    Amikiri makes Ryan bruise mouth with kanabo
    Hanako intimidates with lantern
    Ryan smashes limb of Amikiri; Amikiri smashed by roof while Hanako dives back in
Kanogawa River
    Offering of rice to get audience with Kano
    Admits to knowing stuff about bird, but being coy
    Failed intimidate
    Kano wants one true name from Ryan and Hanako
    Hanako offers half of each person's true name; Kano accepts "Hanako" "Holcombe"
    Ver Bird owes debt of seven years service and has been hangin w Black Tortoise at docks
Research before docks
    B. Tortoise is new-ish and takin over for dad
    Half American yakuza badass, likes brass knuckles


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